The pool at Bethesda

Once during the high holy days when all the Jews were gathered in Jerusalem, Jesus went out shopping for a new pair of sandals. As he wandered aimlessly looking at the various shops and chatting with different sandal makers, he realized that he was quite close to the famous pool of Bethesda.

Healing miracles happened at the pool of Bethesda during the high holy days, and there was sure to be a crowd gathered there. Sometimes the people were so excited after being healed that they ran straight out of the pool and danced shouting down the street in their bare feet. With any luck, Jesus thought, he might find an abandoned pair of sandals in just his right size.

As he walked toward the pool, Jesus saw an old man laying on a woven mat not far from the edge of the pool. The man held his face in his hands, and he was weeping softly. Jesus approached. "Nice pair of sandals you have there, grandfather," he spoke cheerfully, "What ails thee?"

The old man looked up and turned his tear-streaked face toward Jesus, and met his gaze. Without hesitation, the old man told his story. "My parents committed great sins against the Lord," he explained, "and I have been lame since birth these many years in punishment for their transgressions. Every year I come to this pool during the high holy days in search of a healing miracle, but because I am poor I have no manservant to help me into the pool when the angel of the Lord troubles the water. Each time, some other is the first to reach the pool before me, to receive the blessing."

Jesus knelt down at the old man's side and looked intently into his eyes. A single tear slid down Jesus' face and splashed upon the paving stones. "You are wrong, friend." Jesus admonished. "You have not been cursed by God as punishment for your parent's sins, you have cursed yourself. It's your mind that needs healing, not your legs. You are not a body, and your legs are not real. Although I feel the intensity of your pain and I grieve with you, it would seem that you still want to punish yourself more for your imaginary guilt and fear of God. But, keep your faith. There is always next year."

With that, Jesus straightened up, and taking one last wistful glance at the man's sandals, he walked off into the crowd.


Alphabet Angel Miracle Mugs

Blessings - Angel Miracle MugAlthough not compete yet, the 17 alphabetic angel miracle mugs A through Q, are now available from CafePress, at Alpha Angel Miracle Mugs

The art is Carmen's original work. A slightly different version of these drawings (black & white line drawings) is available as a down-loadable coloring book from Lulu.com,at My Angel ABC Coloring Book by Carmen Cameron.

The 17 Alphabet Angel Miracle mugs include these quotes from A Course in Miracles:

Awaken - You will Awaken to your own call.

Bless - Miracle Workers can only Bless.

Compassion - Only the sane can look upon madness with Compassion but not with fear.

Dance of illusion - The Dance of illusion has never brought you joy.

Equally - Shining innocence belongs Equally to every living thing.

Forgiving eyes - Beauty will bless your sight when you look upon the world with Forgiving eyes.

Gratitude - The Gratitude I give my brother will lead me back to God.

Healing - Miracles fall like Healing rain on a dry and dusty world.

Innocence - There is nothing in the mind of God that does not share His shining Innocence.

Joyful - Learning is Joyful if it leads you along your natural path.

Kind - Kind and merciful is your release.

Love of God - Give the Love of God to everything you see.

Miracles - The power to work Miracles belongs to you.

Naturally - Miracles occur Naturally as expressions of love.

Oneness - The Sonship in its oneness transcends the sum of its parts.

Prayer - All prayer is answered.

Quicken - Quicken our footsteps not that we may walk more certainly to God.


Louisville, Kentucky


New Miracle Mugs

One basic mosaic design with gold trim, three color schemes so far, six different miracle quotes for each color scheme (18 total), applied to two size mugs and a stein.


Pollyanna and True Perception - commentary on ACIM

I have usurped a short article, Pollyanna and True Perception, by Liz Chronkite.

I found this article on the Yahoo! Group "Peace of God." I have no idea who Liz Chronkite is, or how to contact her to ask permission before republishing her well written article.

I did not republish this article because I agree with it. I do not agree with it very much at all. The article is, however, a good example of a well-defined category of thinking with regard to the teaching of A Course in Miracles, so I placed it in my ACIM Notebook as a reminder to myself, until such time that I can comment upon it further.