Learning the Course

The idea of a false learning curve is essential in practically every walk of life, but is especially critical to students of A Course in Miracles. I've just posted a short discussion of the false learning curve on another blog, here, and you may wish to read it.

You can know if you are on a false learning curve or a genuine learning curve if your world changes or not.

"Change but your mind on what you want to see,
And all the world must change accordingly."

A Course in Miracles

Hanging up on spirit

I've been helping my young psychic friend Adam start up his professional career as a soothsayer. Last night he got a phone question from a total stranger. "I have several questions. The first is about my new relationship. Will it work out?," she asked.

"I see a garbage bag. That isn't a good sign. I'd say no, this new relationship is headed for the trash," Adam answered.


Gone. She didn't get the answer she wanted, so she hung up.

I think we do that with spirit all the time.

Question: "Holy Spirit, what should I do?"

Answer: "Go here, say this, and do that."

Response: "But I don't want to go there, say that, or do what you say. Goodbye Holy Spirit. Maybe tomorrow you will have answers I like better."



What can I do to help?

The miracle worker's prayer begins, "I am here only to be truly helpful . . . ." If we are to be miracles workers, that is the basis. The desire and the intent to be helpful is the foundation of miracles. Strengthening the desire and intent to be helpful is the means by which the ego's desire to do harm is weakened and replaced by right-thinking miracle mindedness.

OK. That's a good start. I do not want to do harm. Instead, I want to be truly helpful. So, what do I do?

What help do you need?

Ask, and it is given. Maybe not from me, personally. But, it is given. Somehow the void will be filled.

Maybe the missing ingredient is that you have not asked.

What help do you need?

Maybe you need to ask publicly. Maybe you just need to put it in writing privately. Sometimes you might need to scream for help.

Whichever way of asking the situation requires, please remember to ask.


More old thoughts on psychic abilities

Well, they are not really old thoughts of mine. I started a thread on talk.religion.course-miracle on May 13 on this topic, and I might as well share the substance of that discussion here.

"I've been thinking recently about psychics. The Course states, more
or less, that psychic abilities are natural communication abilities,
and that all joining is the joining of minds.

"It seems to me that becoming comfortable with, if not necessarily
proficient at, what would usually be considered as psychic forms of
communication would be a useful gateway to miracles.

"I'm wondering if it is possible to be comfortable with miraculous
expressions if one is, at the same time, fearful of psychic forms of

"Many forms of religion teach that psychic communications are dangerous
and of the devil. Many other forms of modern thinking teach that
psychic communications are impossible and irrational. Perhaps it is a
concerted ego attempt to deflect attention form the genuinely
Psychic abilities - Tom Fox, May 13, 2008


Psychic abilities

The Course makes it quite clear that "psychic abilities" are normal. Psychic abilities are more normal, in fact, than the modes of communication available through the limited five senses of the body. As with all things, the Course asks "what it is for?" The section near the end of the Manual for Teachers devoted to discussing psychic abilities . . . Section 21 . . . takes a rather blasé attitude toward the existence of psychic abilities. Most of the discussion in that section is about how these extra-sensory perceptive abilities are used. Are they used to heal in the service of the Christ mind, or are they used to strengthen the ego?

That seems to be the attitude the Course presents us with regarding psychic abilities. Of course they exist, they are natural and available to everyone. Sure, as your unfoldment progresses some rather startling new abilities may come your way. That is what learning does.

But, what will you do with these talents?

That is the question.