Reincarnation or recurrence?

Memories of your childhood memories of a prior incarnation. I've heard that there are many well-documented cases of children knowing things of other lives and bodies in other places that cannot be easily explained by the usual means.

I understand that. What I do not understand is the tendency to take a trivially insignificant number of examples such as those presented and then try to form a general rule from it, applicable to everyone. In this case, it seems, there may be the desire to have a rule regarding the idea of reincarnation . . . that everyone reincarnates from, say, a lifetime in Nazi Germany to a life in post-war North America.

The Manual for Teachers says this about it:

"Changes are required in the of God's teachers. This may or may not involve changes in the external situation. Remember that no one is where he is by accident, and chance plays no part in God's plan. It is most unlikely that changes in attitudes would not be the first step in the newly made teacher of God's training. There is, however, no set pattern, since training is always highly individualized. There are those who are called upon to change their life situation almost immediately, but these are generally special cases. By far the majority are given a slowly evolving training program, in which as many previous mistakes as possible are corrected . . . "

A "a slowly evolving training program" would be more in alignment with the idea of recurrence.

The idea of recurrence is basically this - A seeming split second after last closing your eyes in the sleep of death, you re-open them with a slap on the butt while hanging by your feet, smacked by the same doctor, in the same hospital room, in the same city, on the same date these many decades ago when you seemed to be born as an infant child, of your same parents and with the same brothers and sisters. You live your life again with no "changes in the external situation."

You are right back where you started . . .

. . . and you get to choose again.

It is like the movie Groundhog Day, except it is your whole life and not just one day.

Manual for Teachers - 24. Is Reincarnation So?


Personal help desk - web improvements

I've spent a good part of the weekend writing a server-side program to
handle web-based information requests from, and email contacts with,
spiritual advisers who offer one-to-one consultations based upon the
principles of A Course in Miracles. Here's how it works:

1. A pop-up window accepts a person's name, email address, and
question or request in standard web form fields.

2. When the information is submitted on-line, it is stored in a
temporary server file in the 'pending' category, and a confirmation
email is sent out to the email address the person provided.

3. When the person acknowledges that the message is authentic by
clicking the link provided, the email address of the spiritual advisor
is fetched from an off-line file, the message is sent, and the file is
removed from the 'pending' category.

After this, all communications are directly between the spiritual
advisor and the individual.

There is nothing the least bit new or innovative about this. The idea
has been around on the web for ages. It is just that I finally got
around to implementing my own version of it, the way I think it ought
to be done.

You can see the first public release in operation here, under Carmen Cameron, click on the link "Send a message or ask a question."



Tom Fox
Editor, acimFIND.info