History of ACIM refresher

 First there was the handwritten version which was typed daily - This typed version is called the urtext.

Starting in 1965, the ACIM Text was first, then the Workbook and finally the Manual for Teachers.

These were all completed by 1972 The text had been edited to the extent of omitting certain parts. Most notably, all discussions of homosexuality and sex were deleted. Very few changes were made to the Workbook or the Manual for Teachers. Hugh Lynn Cayce, at the A.R.E. in Virginia Beach received a photocopy in 1972,

From 1973 to 1973, Ken Wapnick and Helen Schucman performed a more extensive edit and modification of the Text.

The first printed version of this edited ACIM was in the summer of 1975. It is called the Criswell edition after the name of the printer. Four perfect bound volumes with yellow paper covers. Generally speaking, it was a half-assed printing job. 300 sets were printed. The Crisswell is pictured here.

The Clarification of Terms was added in late 1975

The three-volume blue books were first printed in 1976, including the Clarification of Terms. Millions of these were printed.

An online version of the 1972 ACIM Text can be found here

.The 1973 - 1975 editing of ACIM Text, Chapter One, can be downloaded here, Other subsequent chapters were also heavily edited by Wapnick and Schucman, but Chapter One underwent the most significant revisions.

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Tom Fox
Louisville, Kentucky