Space weather metaphors

There is an earth sky phenomenon known as the equinox auroral storms. They happen twice a year, during the spring equinox (now) and the fall equinox in September. When the north and south magnetic earth poles are aligned with the sun during the period of equinox, magnetic ropes form as a connection between the earth and the sun. These magnetic channels facilitate the flow of energetic solar particles from the sun to earth's upper atmosphere, which display as colorful dancing auroras in the night.
"What makes the northern lights dance? Measurements by NASA's fleet of THEMIS spacecraft indicate that these explosions of auroral activity are driven by sudden releases of energy in the Earth's magnetosphere called magnetic reconnection events. The reconnection events release energy when magnetic field lines snap like rubber bands, driving charged particles into the upper atmosphere. Stretching into space, these reconnection events occur in the magnetosphere on the Earth's night side at a distance about 1/3 of the way to the Moon." NASA
Reconnection events produce light!

This is a lovely metaphor for reconnecting to Source. Let there be light.

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Tom Fox
Louisville, Kentucky

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