One Course, Two Visions

One Course, Two Visions: A Comparison of the Teachings of the Circle of Atonement and Ken Wapnick on A Course in Miracles
by: Robert Perry, Greg Mackie, and Allen Watson,
Published by The Circle of Atonement., 2003

A person would need to be fairly familiar with the players and authors who have associated themselves with A Course in Miracles to recognize, however slightly, any of the names mentioned above. However, within the insular world of self-identified Course students, they are each well known. There has been a fair amount of history between Perry and Wapnick. History of the unpleasant political in-fighting and litigation type. The Perry camp and the Wapnick camp each have its die-hard supporters, and there are several other Course camps in addition to these two.

Free market ego competition at it's best? Worst? I don't know. It is what it is.

What these two competing camps have in common is the view that their respective understandings of what A Course in Miracles really means is superior to the other.

This book, One Course, Two Visions, does a good job of itemizing the specific areas of disagreement between Perry and Wapnick. For a beginner who is overwhelmed and intimidated by the prospect of actually studying the Course itself, this book might be a good introduction. Not only does the book cover a lot of ground in a summary way, its entire premise is an excellent reminder that there are many different ways to interpret the Course. Those who say differently ought be regarded with skepticism.

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Tom Fox
Louisville, Kentucky

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